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Full Day Sessions
$600 USD
per day
4 - 7
Hourly Sessions
$100 USD
per hour
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I’m passionate about skiing and snowboarding and I want to pass on the skills so that others can share that passion.
Time on Snow
Alpine / Downhill Skiing
Trees, park, cliffs, carving, groomers
Full Day Sessions
$600 USD
4 - 7
Hourly Sessions
$100 USD
per client
Full Day Sessions
Typical Session duration: 5.5 hours
Price per full day: $600 USD

Hourly Sessions Details
Minimum Session duration: 2 hours
Price per Hour: $100 USD
Home Mountain
Myoko / Akakura
Skiing Experience
I have been snowboarding and skiing for over half my life. I have done 3 full winter seasons in Falls Creek, Australia and I am currently living in Myoko Kogen, riding and teaching around Japan.
Teaching / Guiding Experience
I have taught snowboarding and skiing for one full season in Falls Creek, Australia and I am currently instructing both these disciplines in Japan, based out of Myoko. Outside of my professional experience I have spent about 4 years passing on my knowledge to those around me.
Other Info
The three things I like to focus on when teaching are safety, fun and education, in that order. It’s important to understand how the terrain works before we try to ride it. Once we are comfortable we can have some fun with it and that’s when we are most optimised to learn the skills to ride that terrain even better and expand our horizons to other areas of the mountain.
01/26/2020 01:17 PM
Alex was excellent, my family and I joint the beginner snowboard lesson with Alex, he was patient and able to give instruction clearly, most important to me is he can handle my kids (8 and 6 Years old) very well, that make us learnt fast. We would highly recommend Alex to the people who is looking for snowboard instructor.

Mel O'Dell
01/22/2020 11:45 PM
Alex was an awesome instructor! From the get go he established a nice tone for the lesson and seamlessly adapted to my learning style. Alex made me feel comfortable on the snow and helped grow my ability to ski quite quickly whilst not rushing through explanations.
I highly reccomend Alex. I've gone from being a complete beginner (first time one the snow was with him) with no idea how skiing works, to learning lots and feeling comfortable enough to do small runs by myself.
01/13/2020 11:03 PM
My partner and I had a beginner snowboard lesson with Alex. He was quite superb the way he instructed us - extremely patient, personable, highly knowledgeable, and he was very good at reading our ability and confidence. From relative beginners at the beginning of the day, by the end of the session Alex had both of us linking turns and getting lots of fun out of the mountain. I would highly recommend Alex to anybody looking for snowboard instruction. Outstanding!
Chris D
01/07/2020 08:00 AM
My Son and I had a 2 hr Snowboard lesson with Alex. He was excellent. Definitely 5 out of 5. He was very patient, great at explaining what he wanted us to do and we very clear. He definitely got the most out of both of us. We highly recommend his service. Very professional.
01/04/2020 06:11 PM
Me and my friend were both beginners, but by the end of our session with Alex we were both able to snowboard comfortably. He definitely made sure of our safety first (and other snowboarders and skiers) - just like what he has mentioned in his focus for training. He customized the training according to each of our levels, depending on how each of us were progressing. He gave us feedback each time we tried to practice what he taught us, which definitely helped us improve within one session. If we were staying longer in Myoko we would have definitely booked more sessions. Thank you Alex - it was very fun learning how to snowboard!
12/29/2019 10:57 AM
Alex took my whole family for a 4 hour beginner's session. Some of us had skied before. He handled our different levels while being especially attentive to our 11 yo son who was anxious about skiing.