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Full Day Sessions
$700 USD
per day
6 - 6
Hourly Sessions
$140 USD
per hour
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Highly Skilled, Experienced and Qualified (Level 3) Ski Professional - Able & Committed to Help Transform & Develop Your Skiing Beyond Expectaions.
Time on Snow
Alpine / Downhill Skiing
Helping guests become aware of their minds as well as bodies; the effects of our thoughts and movements and how that corresponds to the movement patterns of skiing - To Enable Feeling and Flow.
Full Day Sessions
$700 USD
6 - 6
Hourly Sessions
$140 USD
per client
Full Day Sessions
Typical Session duration: 6 hours
Price per full day: $700 USD

Quality has its price.
My skills, knowledge, understanding and ability to communicate are of a very high standard.
I'm able to help my guests transform their skiing - develop a rapid improvement in both skills and confidence, enabling them to ski more of the mountain, in control and using less energy thus having way more fun/enjoyment.

I have found that anything less than 3 hours doesn't provide enough time to learn, practise and acquire new information and skills.
A full day (6 hours), or multiple days, allows quality time to hone new skills with the key ingredient - feedback.
Without feedback, practise can be ineffective.
It is often said that practise makes perfect, this is incorrect - Perfect Practise Makes Perfect!

I highly recommend full days, especially for beginner/early skiers.
Give yourself the time, and me the opportunity, to help you develop and improve your skiing.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Hourly Sessions Details
Minimum Session duration: 3 hours
Price per Hour: $140 USD
I've been asked why my rate is higher than others.
As I mentioned, Quality has it's price.
I strongly advise you to research the qualifications and experience of potential Instructors, the diffence between Levels 1 and 3 is massive! (easily searchable online).

As an example, I recently taught a small group of ladies that had been skiing together for 7 years, they would take 2 or 3 ski holidays a year and always took lessons (with mainly Level 1 Instructors).
Their goal, whilst skiing with me for only 2 days, was to be able to ski parallel on a green slope!
The wedge/snowplough was so engrained after all that time it was very challenging for them to change their automatic movement patterns yet I was able to help them achieve a few parallel runs by the end of the 2nd day - they were thrilled!
Unfortunately, i've come across many similar stories, it seems to be a recurring theme.
I dread to think how many tens of thousands of dollars was spent on those lessons.

So if you think you're saving money on a cheaper lesson, think again!
Home Mountain
Myoko / Akakura
Skiing Experience
I'm a Highly Skilled, Experienced, Caring, Adaptable and Professional Ski Teacher, Internationally Qualified through the Renowned British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI).
I learnt to ski in Scotland as an adult so i'm able to comprehend the challenges faced by early skiers well.
After lots of instruction, practise, time, effort and dedication I got into Ski Racing and enjoyed that challenge. After competing I found my natural teaching and empathetic abilities tended towards helping others so moved into teaching.
I've skied and taught at numerous resorts in many countries, including USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, China, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany and of course Japan.
I look forward to creating a wonderful ski experience and to help you along your skiing journey.
Teaching / Guiding Experience
I've been fortunate to have met and skied with some truly inspirational teachers and coaches along the way.
I strive for Excellence, to learn from experiences and implement those lessons with a view to improving the present.

I believe effective communication is key to passing on the art of great skiing. Information should be as concise and simple as possible, which enables understanding and the ability to put that into practise.
Combine this with high quality demonstrations, specific & constructive feedback and I am able to help my guests develop a rapid improvement in both skills and confidence.
01/02/2020 07:31 AM
The private ski session delivered to my daughter and wife was excellent that Neil created them confidence to ski on their own after going through some basic stuff downstairs. My daughter 14 years old even could ski zig zag from the elementary steep level with nice trial along. Neil is a very experienced and detailed coach who can be able to give you more than some standard off the shelf training and make you more easy to adapt this sport especially those new comer. Great tks Neil!