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Full Day Sessions
$600 USD
per day
4 - 7
Hourly Sessions
$100 USD
per hour
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Share your passion for descending snow-covered slopes while gaining competence and confidence on skis under competent and thoughtful guidance.
Time on Snow
Alpine / Downhill Skiing
Powder, Trees, Slalom/Giant Slalom Racing, Carved Turn Cruising
Full Day Sessions
$600 USD
4 - 7
Hourly Sessions
$100 USD
per client
Full Day Sessions
Typical Session duration: 5.5 hours
Price per full day: $600 USD

Help with choosing and assuring proper fit of rental equipment, if needed, included in the price.
Hourly Sessions Details
Minimum Session duration: 1.50 hour
Price per Hour: $100 USD
Hourly rate good for groups of up to four people of your choosing.
Skiing Experience
Since learning to ski as an eight-year old learning the Hannes Schneider-inspired Arlberg technique on all wood Northland skis, I appreciate the dramatic improvements in equipment and terrain access that have occurred over the years.

In the mid-seventies, I was fortunate enough realize the thrill of a pure carved turn during the two years I worked for the Sun Valley Company, which gave me an opportunity for frequent practice.

A former Alpine and Nordic ski competitor for Williams College (MA), I enjoy the occasional race, most recently in the EpicMix Series Finals in 2018 conducted by Vail Resorts.
Teaching / Guiding Experience
Twelve years as an alpine instructor at Colorado's Arapahoe Basin Snowsports School has provided many opportunities to share the fun and excitement of skiing with those eager to improve their skills. I particularly enjoy surprising never-evers and hardly-evers as they discover new-found competence and confidence.

From 2004-2007, I guided advanced groups an more challenging terrain for the Over The Hill Gang at Copper Mountain.

Including the 2018-19 season, I have completed 72 hours of Continuing Education courses in alpine skiing.
Other Info
"Skis are not just pieces of wood, steel and fiberglass. They are tools for escape, a medium for personal expression, a way to challenge fears, push limits and share incredible experiences with your friends."

Source unknown

Ask yourself these questions as you decide what type of lesson to take with me.

1) Why do you want to ski? Is it to enjoy time with family or friends? To challenge yourself? To realize a long-held dream? What is compelling you to sign up for lessons?

2) How do you prefer to learn? Do you like learning in groups or do you want one-on-one instruction? Do you want to learn at a slower pace, say a few lessons spread across several weeks or are you more of an intensive learner, hoping to progress quickly with several back-to-back days of instruction?

3) What do you want to learn? Alpine Skiing in powder? On groomers? Using A/T and backcountry skills? While your initial lessons will focus on the basics, let me know your ultimate goals.

Once you’ve learned some skills, I can help guide you to the next level, whether with additional lessons or specialized clinics.

Even if you’re an experienced skier, professional instruction will help you reach your goals, as well. Even advanced skiers benefit from lessons.

Tips for beginning and intermediate skiers: proficiency in skiing is a function of balance. Achieving a balanced stance on skis involves 1) standing tall (just a slight bend at the waist); 2) aggressive flexing at the ankles to maximize feeling of pressure on the shins from the tongue of your ski boots (knees over skis); 3) raising your arms above waist level so your hands stay in view while you look down slope.
Sorry, I don’t work with Kids under 6
02/06/2020 10:07 AM
We had a great couple of mornings with Sandy. On the first day he worked with me and my wife, taking care to make sure we were comfortable and providing a great combination of explanation backed up by practical experience. On the second day he worked with me and our six year old daughter, and he adapted his teaching style perfectly to the new student!
02/05/2020 11:55 AM
Sandy was wonderful. He worked hard to make a connection with our 11 year old disabled son. He let our son lead the way and did a wonderful job of making our boy feel confident and with helping him enjoy his time skiing in Nozawa. Thank you Sandy!
Kay M
01/29/2020 05:55 AM
Excellent instructor with clear instructions to help me improve! Thanks
01/02/2020 05:58 AM
Sandy taught our island daughter how to ski from scratch. She was so proud of herself and he was so patient and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything, Sandy!
01/01/2020 02:33 PM
Sandy is a very patience instructor, he was working with our two children, 9 and 11 years old, during the last week in Nozawa Onsen. The children learnt a lot of new skills from him and had a great time. Will definitely seek for his tuition in coming future. Highly recommended to any families.