About Us

About Us

We’re skiers and snowboarders and the best days of our lives have been spent in the mountains. But the ski industry is a tough one to make a living in.

That’s why we created MountainPros, to allow really great instructors and guides to shine and to actually make a living do it. Our Instructors are rated and reviewed by past clients so you’ll know who’s the real deal and who just looks the part in their uniform. Our instructors and guides keep far more of their session fees than anywhere else; never less than 60% and usually 75%+. Best of all, they set their own pricing so you know your instructor wants to be out there with you and they’re not just punching the clock for a paycheck.


What we believe in: Local Knowledge, Global Community

This is the way of the future. The world is more and more connected, and web-based services are improving all aspects of our lives—from streaming music, to social networks, to on-demand ride services. We’re confident that MountainPros will help lots of skiers, the ones just starting out as well as the ones who’ve been on snow for decades. And happier skiers means a healthier ski industry, and better skiing for all of us in the long term.